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Grow Your Wealth With Australia’s Trusted Web3 x Real Estate Platform

We are releasing large scale, tokenised real estate portfolios very soon, the first few being the largest in Australia and second largest globally, with over $500M of rent generating Australian property! This is your opportunity to get a first-row seat at the next big wave of Web3 growth – tokens backed by high-performing real world assets!


100% security by Quill Audits.

The contract code is fully audited by Quill Audits and shown to be 100% secure.



Get your B4RE tokens and start staking to earn attractive yields  and build your wealth with Web3 x Real Estate.

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Do You Want To Buy A House With Bitcoin Or Other Crypto?

B4REAL is designed to help buyers purchase property faster, build wealth and to make it easy for real estate professionals to benefit from emerging Web3 innovations.

We do this through a variety of key features, including:

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The B4REAL Token

Participate in B4REAL Staking to become purchase ready faster
Participate in B4REAL Staking to become purchase ready faster
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With our staking system, you can use B4RE to generate a 20% yield in the form of B4RC.

Earned B4RC tokens can then be used towards a property purchase or to buy a share in our tokenised property portfolios which will generate you passive income and potential capital gains as property prices grow.
Private access to seed round token prices in our tokenised property portfolios
Private access to seed round token prices in our tokenised property portfolios
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For holding as little as $500 AUD of B4RE tokens, you will get access to low seed round prices in our tokenised property portfolios, which consists of rental properties in Australia.

This allows you to diversify your investments, protect your savings with real estate and generate passive income directly from the underlying properties in the portfolios - without any of the usual headaches of owning a property directly.
Lower interest retes when getting a loan throught B4FINANCE
Lower interest retes when getting a loan throught B4FINANCE
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As a B4RE holder, you'll be able to access lower interest rates when getting a loan through our lending arm, B4FINANCE, with rates comparable to big banks, in some cases even better.

This can help make your property purchase more affordable and give you more financial flexibility - potentially saving you tens of thousands of dollars over the duration of your loan.
Unlock exclusive offers only available to B4RE holders
Unlock exclusive offers only available to B4RE holders
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As a B4RE holder, you'll have access to exclusive offers and discounts that are not available to the general public.

These may include special deals on properties, initial security token launches, and other opportunities to invest and grow your wealth - it is kind of like having your own “inside buyers agent” keeping you in the loop with exclusive opportunities.

How It All Started

  • B4REAL is part of PIM group
  • 5,500+ property transactions in 24 months by PIM (2020 - 2022)
  • Brokered circa $950M AUD p/a in real estate deals over recent years
2021 to 2022
  • Growth of  token holders to 2,500
  • Formalisation of partnerships with trad-fi lenders
AUG -SEP 2022

Establishment of Black Tie Aussie Property Fund focusing on the acquisition of Australian real estate (valuation circa $500M AUD) for tokenisation


Hyper-focused launch of the B4REAL fractional ownership platform in preparation for tokenisation of BTAPF properties


Acquisition and association of licenses, authorisations and indemnities;

  • Licensed Real Estate Agency [all Australian states],
  • Digital Currency Exchange License,
  • Independent Remitter License
MAY 2022
  • Deployment of B4RE crowd sale contract, B4RC Staking contract and Homes with B4REAL. 
  • Established and launched B4FINANCE crypto-backed lending with $1B in funding secured.
  • Listing of tokens that operate within the B4REAL ecosystem - B4RC and B4RE.
  • Settling of properties in BTAPF (Circa $500M AUD of Australian rent generating real estate)

Begin tokenisation of Black Tie Aussie Property Fund with investment opportunity for retail and wholesale investors. 


How To Buy Our Tokens

Polygon Powered

B4REAL is built on the Polygon network and our crowdsale contract is setup to accept USDT and USDC. Using the link below you can access our crowdsale contract, connect your wallet and purchase B4RE.

Token Details

Token Name: B4REAL
Ticker: B4RE
Max Supply: 50M tokens
Max Circulating At Launch: 20M tokens (40%)
Exchange Rate $0.50 AUD = 1 B4RE

Token Allocation

  • 10M (20%) seed round
  • 10M (20%) crowd sale
  • 5M (10%) allocated for future sale revenue and community rewards via a bonding curve contract
  • 5M (10%) marketing
  • 5M (10%) development
  • 3M (6%) community
  • 5M (10%) team
  • 3M (6%) partnerships, advisors and ambassadors
  • 3M (6%) liquidity

Our Dedicated Team

Caroline Macdonald

Chief Executive Officer

Jarrad Parke

Chief Operating Officer

Todd Pierce

Chief Growth Officer

Vikas Khosla

Chief Technology Officer

Michael Wang

Chief Finance Officer

Diana Baloghova

Chief Compliance Officer

Mary Majidi

Lead Designer

Michael Kelly

Head of Real Estate Investment

Nazanin Majidi

Property Development Liaison

Rick Powell

Foundation Chairman

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