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We help property investors, home-buyers and real estate professionals take advantage of the latest wave of blockchain innovation to buy faster and sell more.
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Buy A House With BITCOIN Or Other Digital Assets?

With B4REAL, thats easier than tying shoes! 🏡

B4REAL is designed to help buyers purchase property faster and to make it easy for real estate professionals to benefit from emerging blockchain innovations and crypto market.

We do this through a variety of key features, including:

How Can We Help You?

Buy with B4Real

Are you interested in buying property in Australia? We have created intelligent systems to help you buy faster.

Sell with B4Real

Are you a real estate professional looking to tap into a new market of buyers? Our web3 solutions are tailored for you.

Learn with B4Real

Are you a little confused about what we do at B4Real? We have created a short series of videos to help you fully understand.

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Would you like to join our growing community to stay in the loop and get access to community only special offers?

Buy Australian Real Estate Faster

The B4REAL Property Showcase

The goal of B4REAL is to help both savvy and first-time property investors to build their wealth portfolios faster. We do this by opening up our black book of connections, grown over the last 30 years, to grant regular people access to exclusive discounts, investment opportunities, and deals.

Dream Luxury Apartments
Availability: 10+ properties | Beds: 2 – 3 | Queensland
Prices from $635,000, up to 10% B4RE/B4RC accepted
Collection at Rouse Hill
Availability: 78 properties | Beds: 1 – 3 | New South Wales
Prices from $515,000, up to 10% B4RE/B4RC accepted
Uno Apartments Melbourne
Availability: 236 properties | Beds: 2 – 4 | Victoria
Prices from $499,000, up to 10% B4RE/B4RC accepted
Riviera Residences
Availability: 300+ properties | Beds: 3 – 5 | New South Wales
Prices from $474,000, up to 10% B4RE/B4RC accepted

Black Tie Digital

B4REAL is designed and developed by Black Tie Digital, and is part of the B4 ecosystem.

Additional Services

The Black Tie Professional Service Hub

Our service hub is designed to make real estate transactions involving crypto simple and secure for real estate professionals.


From escrow, conversion, and remittance services to tokenisation, commercial lending, marketing, and crypto education.


Lending Services

Our sister company B4FINANCE is the leader in Australian crypto-backed lending.

We are able to help you with your finance goals and you can use your digital assets as the security for the loan. 

The most common use-case is our two-stage lending protocol to buy real estate without selling your crypto.


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    FAQ s

    The team from B4REAL have extensive experience not only with the real estate market, real estate companies and the broader real estate industry as a whole, but we also have been involved with digital currencies since the 1990s and helped facilitate real estate transactions that involve digital currency to buy property.

    When using crypto assets to buy a house, whether it’s a house with bitcoin or other digital currencies, the biggest issue facing agents/home sellers is the knowledge gap .

    Until B4REAL, the process for someone wanting to buy a house with bitcoin would be somewhat tedious.

    Firstly, the home seller and the listing agent would have to be ok with the transaction – if that didn’t occur, you would need to convert your bitcoin into fiat currency.

    The next problem you would need to overcome is mortgage lenders being prepared to give home loans.

    A financial institution like a bank, outside of considering your financial situation, personal objectives, savings in your bank account for a down payment, and credit history, when adding bitcoin transactions to buy a house with bitcoin or other digital currency, now you need to prove where your capital gains came from.

    Even if you are able to prove your capital gains came from legitimate investments, not drugs or money laundering, you still risk the banks declining your application due to their risk policies related to crypto markets – this is a problem that we solve with our finance arm, B4FINANCE.

    The next option you have if you don’t wish to sell bitcoin to buy a house is to use a CeFi/DeFi lending platform which typically offers over-collateralised loans, meaning the loan to value ratio (LVR) could end up as 100% however to get that, you’d lock up 200% of the value IE $1M loan would require $2M to be collateralised.

    Other problems that made it tedious to buy a house with bitcoin or other digital currency before B4REAL is that you’d usually be liquidating your assets early, which would trigger a capital gains tax event, and if the property fell through for unforeseen reasons, you the incur premature tax implications.

    In a perfect world, sellers would accept bitcoin payments and life is great, however, it isn’t that clean cut – you have to prove funds to secure finance, hopefully find a crypto-friendly lender, convert crypto back to fiat currency and then buy real estate.

    For sellers/agents, or listers as we call them, the process isn’t all too different to what they are used to.

    The reason for this is that in most cases, the sellers will wish to receive their domestic fiat as payment and in Australia, the agent simply needs to specify the currency/currencies that are used in their forms.

    The biggest roadblock that we fix for listers with our service hub is removing the knowledge gap and making it simple to conduct real estate transactions with digital currency like Bitcoin.

    Yes, B4REAL accepts Bitcoin.

    We also accept other digital currencies such as:

    • ETH (Ether)
    • MATIC (Polygon)
    • ADA (Cardano)
    • USDT (Tether)
    • USDC (USD Coin)
    • XEC (eCash)
    • DASH (Dash)
    • BCH (Bitcoin Cash)
    • DOT (Polkadot)
    • LTC (Litecoin)

    Firstly, staking is something known in the crypto world as a means of using your crypto holding to generate a yield/return.

    To keep it simple, staking is a mechanism that allows crypto holders to put their tokens to work so they generate passive income.

    One way to think of it is as a high-yield savings account that generates interest (a return) when you deposit your crypto into that account.

    Staking is popular because it allows you to put your money to work instead of it sitting in your savings account devaluing due to inflation.

    Users can stake for as long as needed, and withdraw back into their wallets once done, with the click of a button.

    The B4REAL Staking System is the first system in the world that directly allows participants to lock up their crypto and earn a yield that can directly be spent on a real-world, real estate purchase or a share in a tokenised property portfolio if you’re a Sigma Tier B4RE holder (20,000 tokens+).

    That’s layer one. The second layer is an advanced DeFi layer that allows users to generate an additional yield which can then be reinvested into a tokenised property portfolio, which can then have its rental yields reinvested, which creates compounding returns – very exciting stuff!

    Take a look at the detailed explanation over at the Learn with B4REAL page and view the staking videos.

    As a specialised lending product distributor, we can help accelerate home ownership by assisting buyers to secure property loans using their crypto via our lending arm, B4Finance, which assists with crypto-friendly home loans and provides crypto-collateralised lending in conjunction with our capital partner Pegasus.

    This means getting a mortgage and buying a house with bitcoin is much easier when doing it with us.

    The B4FINANCE credit product is cutting edge in Australia and is competitive when it comes to rates.

    Whilst we consider Bitcoin to be the evolution of money, it is just one of the digital assets we accept.

    If you’re holding Bitcoin, or other accepted digital assets, and wish to buy real estate before we have completed our platform, then we are able to manually facilitate transactions which will make the process simple and streamlined for you.

    Simply fill in our contact form and we will call you to discuss your requirements.

    We have a simple process of Bitcoin or other digital currencies being sent to an escrow wallet. Once the property goes unconditional, we are able to convert the stored cryptos into domestic fiat for the lister (if they wish to receive fiat instead of crypto).

    Alternatively, you can utilise our lending arm if you do not wish to dispose of your digital assets.

    We tokenise real estate portfolios which you can then invest in, by simply purchasing the tokens associated with the real estate portfolio you’re interested in… isn’t blockchain technology amazing!

    This decreases the barrier to entry for investors as it costs less to start building a property wealth portfolio.

    Also, unlike tokenisation of individual property, by tokenising an entire portfolio, you get to spread your investment over a range of properties for maximum gains. 

    To use analogy, it is kind of like investing into an index fund VS choosing individual stocks which may or may not perform. 

    Our first property portfolio, which consists of a diversified selection of rental properties in Australia, will be getting tokenised and available for investors to buy so you can generate a quarterly yield, paid in AUD or stablecoins, and enjoy potential capital growth in line with the Australian real estate market performance.

    Also, our B4RC token (generated from staking our utility token, B4RE) can be used to purchase a share in our tokenised property portfolios when they are live –  this function is exclusively available to our Sigma Tier B4RE holders (over 20,000 B4RE).

    Great question. Th Web3 Incentive Model is an innovative system we created to help real estate professionals reward buyers in their pipeline, helping them be purchase-ready sooner. 

    The way it works is simple; you purchase our B4RE token and stake them through our staking portal.

    B4RC tokens ($1 AUD value) generated can then be gifted to the buyers in your pipeline and included as part of their down-payment. 

    We can then also assist in providing finance for the balance of the purchase. 

    With economic turmoil in the future, the B4REAL Web3 Incentive Model is modern approach to helping buyers be ready to buy – a win-win for all parties.