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Ready To Turn Your Property Dreams Into Reality? B4REAL Is Here To Help!

B4REAL combines the power of blockchain with traditional real estate markets so that you can buy property faster and build your wealth portfolio.

Welcome to B4REAL

Welcome to B4REAL, the solution designed to help you purchase property faster – if that’s you, then you’re in the right place.

Are you tired of struggling for years to afford a down payment on a property?
Do you dream of becoming a property owner but feel overwhelmed by the process?
Would you like to tap into the power of passive income from real estate?

At B4REAL, we understand how challenging it can be to navigate the real estate market – especially when everything in life keeps getting more expensive. 

That’s why we’ve developed unique solutions to help you achieve your property goals faster.

You’re in good hands with B4REAL.

With almost 30 years of experience in real estate brokerage and an average of $1B in brokered deals per annum via our sister companies…

… our team brings unparalleled expertise and strategic vision to our property purchases so that you don’t just stand to make rental yields but also capital gains as real estate prices grow.

Take control of your future and make your property ownership dreams a reality. 

Choose B4REAL as your go-to assistant for buying property faster and building your wealth via real estate.

How B4REAL Works For You

B4REAL helps you buy property faster, protect your savings and generate passive income via two unique pathways. 

Using our proprietary staking protocol, you can generate a 30%  – 50% return on investment, on auto-pilot, and with our tokenised property portfolios, you can get your share of the rental returns – easy residual income!

Our team of seasoned real estate professionals can also help you find the property that fits your buying criteria.

Why Should You Buy Some B4RE Tokens ?

Our B4REAL Token, or B4RE, is your gateway to earning your way into property whilst you sleep. You can purchase B4RE tokens and then use them in our staking protocol to earn 30% – 50% APR.

As an example, $10,000 of B4RE locked up for 12-months in our staking protocol will currently produce a minimum of $3,000 to $4,000 worth of return that you can spend directly on a property purchase! Bank-beating returns!

As a B4RE holder, you’ll also have access to a range of exclusive benefits that can help you achieve your property goals faster.

Participate in B4REAL Staking to become purchase ready faster

With our staking system, you can use B4RE to generate a 20% yield in the form of B4RC. 

Earned B4RC tokens can then be used towards a property purchase or to buy a share in our tokenised property portfolios which will generate you passive income and potential capital gains as property prices grow.

Private access to seed round token prices in our tokenised property portfolios

For holding as little as $500 AUD of B4RE tokens, you will get access to low seed round prices in our tokenised property portfolios, which consists of rental properties in Australia. 

This allows you to diversify your investments, protect your savings with real estate and generate passive income directly from the underlying properties in the portfolios - without any of the usual headaches of owning a property directly. 

Lower interest rates when getting a loan through B4FINANCE

As a B4RE holder, you'll be able to access lower interest rates when getting a loan through our lending arm, B4FINANCE, with rates comparable to big banks, in some cases even better. 

This can help make your property purchase more affordable and give you more financial flexibility - potentially saving you tens of thousands of dollars over the duration of your loan.

Unlock exclusive offers only available to B4RE holders

As a B4RE holder, you'll have access to exclusive offers and discounts that are not available to the general public. 

These may include special deals on properties, initial security token launches, and other opportunities to invest and grow your wealth - it is kind of like having your own “inside buyers agent” keeping you in the loop with exclusive opportunities.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity – get your hands on B4RE today!

Are you ready to accelerate your wealth building and tap into passive income?


Purchase some B4RE tokens so that you get all the benefits mentioned above (As little as $500 AUD worth of tokens unlocks big savings) ✅


Next, head over to our staking page so you can stake your B4RE and earn a generous 30% to 50% return ✌🏽


Fill up your bag! Stack B4RC that you earn from staking your B4RE tokens 🙌🏽


Finally, buy property or a share in our tokenised property portfolio and build your wealth! 🏡

Homes with B4real

With over 25,000 properties committed to our platform per annum via our extensive developer network, there are many possibilities available for you, whether it is to buy a home to live in or an investment property, we have you covered.