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Tokenised Property Funds

Australia’s only diversified tokenised property fund series targeting superior investor returns through strategically selected real-world assets.

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On this page you will find the available tokenised investment funds you can invest into or express interest in. 

You will also find a short 3-min explainer about what tokenisation is and how it works at bottom of the page.

Available Tokenised Property Funds

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Diversified Tokenised Property Fund.

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The BTFF1 Tokenised Property Fund

The BT Futures Fund 1 is contains a collection of strategically selected Australian residential properties and is launching in the last quarter of 2023 for wholesale investors and between March - June 2024 for retail investors.

Value of Assets: $30M (Capped at $1B)
Asset Types: Australian residential properties
Target Returns: 8% PA... to start March 2024, paid quarterly
Capital Valuations: Conducted every 2 years
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The Strategic Three-Phase Rollout (BTFF1)

Phase 1:
The Foundation
Capped at $30M for Wholesale Investors

The initial phase of BTFPF is an exclusive opportunity for wholesale investors, capped at $30 million. This foundational phase focuses on building a robust portfolio of high-quality properties and establishing a strong market presence.

Phase 2:
Capped at $150M for Wholesale Investors

In the second phase, the fund escalates its capacity to $150 million, still prioritizing wholesale investors. This phase is about scaling up, diversifying the property portfolio, and enhancing the fund's market impact.

Phase 3:
Inclusive Growth
Capped at $1B for Wholesale and Retail Investors

The final phase marks a significant milestone, opening up the fund to a broader investor base. Capped at $1 billion, this phase invites both wholesale and retail investors, democratizing property investment and magnifying the fund's role in making it affordable for all Australians to buy real estate.

The Story of BT Futures Property Fund: Bridging Dreams and Realities

Genesis of a Vision

In the bustling heart of Victoria, Australia, amidst the changing skyline of September 2023, a new era in property investment dawned with the formal registration of the BT Futures Property Fund (BTFPF). However, the seeds of this innovative venture were sown much earlier, in 2020, by Caroline Macdonald and the visionary teams at Black Tie Digital and Your Agent Real Estate.

After 20 years of experience in the real estate and technology sectors, recognising the gap between Australian retail investors’ aspirations to own income-producing properties and developers’ need for efficient capital flow, they envisioned a solution.

This solution was not just about investment; it was about changing lives and landscapes. It was about making Australian dreams tangible – where all Australians can invest in and own their piece of Australian real estate, without needing to have large amounts of money available.

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The Pioneering Path of Tokenisation

The BTFPF, breaking traditional barriers, chose to be a tokenised fund. 

This cutting-edge approach, merging finance with technology, offered unprecedented liquidity to investors and developers alike. 

By tokenising shares, BTFPF ensured that participants could swiftly convert their holdings into cash, if necessary, introducing flexibility and fluidity into the often-rigid realm of property investment.

A Trio of Journeys Interwoven

The BTFPF team, the fund’s backbone, undertakes the critical roles of investment analysis, compliance, and project management. Their expertise ensures that each property acquired and each investment made aligns with the fund’s ethos of sustainable and profitable growth.

Developers, pivotal in this journey, contribute their completed Australian residential properties to the fund in a unique arrangement. This model enables them to expedite project turnovers, reduce costs, and continue addressing Australia’s housing needs by delivering more properties to the market, to a broader audience.

Investors, both wholesale and retail, can purchase shares in BTFPF at $300 per token. Their journey is one of growth and reward, benefiting from both quarterly dividends from rental returns and from future capital growth, reflecting the ever-increasing value of the properties within the fund.

Sustainable Success

When BTFPF acquires properties from a developer, it’s a win-win. The developer gains liquidity and retains a stake in the future growth, while the fund expands its portfolio with quality properties at agreed terms.

Investors entering the fund through Black Tie’s blockchain portal find themselves part of an innovative investment journey. 

Their $300 tokens grow in value, underpinned by rigorous property valuations conducted biennially, ensuring transparency and trust.

The Bigger Picture – A Scalable Solution to a National Challenge

As Australia grapples with housing shortages and affordability issues, BTFPF stands as a beacon of hope and a scalable solution.

By synergising the goals of investors, developers, and the fund’s management, BTFPF is more than an investment fund; it’s a catalyst for change, addressing the housing crisis in a novel way while offering lucrative opportunities for its participants.

As the story of BTFPF unfolds, it’s clear that its impact goes beyond mere financial returns.

It’s about building communities, empowering dreams, and reshaping the Australian property landscape.

With each participant playing a crucial role, BTFPF is not just an investment fund; it’s a community of dreamers, builders, and believers in a better tomorrow.

How Does It Work?

Tokenisation of Real-World Assets (RWA) is one of the largest global trends right now – with billions of dollars of assets moving on-chain currently. (On to blockchain technology)

In short, tokenisation is the process of converting the value of an asset into tokens which are stored on a blockchain.

This increases liquidity, makes it easier for a global audience to buy, sell and trade and ultimately is the future of investing.

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